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Latest Articles

Human Identity Evolving

A History of Interconnectedness

Interconnectedness between human beings is most clearly seen today in the form of modern communications technologies: the internet, social...

Making It Fun  - Interview With Gerald B. Lefcourt

Interview With Gerald B. Lefcourt

In 1968, Gerald Lefcourt was a young law school graduate with a passion for social justice. Having been recently fired from the Legal Aid Society...

The Importance of Laughter

Humor and Social Movements

I grew up in the South during a momentous time. The Cold War and McCarthyism, the end of colonialism around the world, the development of....

Ending The Silence  - Interview with Waris Dirie

Interview with Waris Dirie

Growing up as a nomad in tribal Somalia, Waris Dirie had no vision of becoming a global spokesperson for little girls. She just wanted to get away...

Ramtha Teaching

“The first thing I said to my daughter is that the greatest things are achieved in a light heart. It is not the heart, the pump, but the...