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Latest Articles

The Identifiable God - A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life

A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life

Each of you is upon this plane for many reasons, but the grandest reason of all and of utmost importance is to understand and love the greatest...

Simple Designs Make A Difference - Smart Ideas for the Future from Design Indaba Lab

Smart Ideas for the Future from Design Indaba Lab

Within the various form of creative and artistic expressions, design is probably the one that has the greatest interrelation with our everyday...

Understanding How Your Garden Grows

During these strained economic times, many people are choosing to pull up their sod and plant their yards (or porch and patio pots) with herbs,...

Giving Soul a Chance - From Jim Channon's Column, The Next Humans

From Jim Channon's Column, The Next Humans

Let’s presume a man and a woman have acquired a “mindful” reason to connect. They have entered a phase beyond a natural set of...

The Evolution of Humanity - A History of Interconnectedness

A History of Interconnectedness

Interconnectedness between human beings is most clearly seen today in the form of modern communications technologies: the internet, social...