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Latest Articles

Sacred Geometry - Secret Societies and Sacred Music

Secret Societies and Sacred Music

Handel’s “Messiah” is very important and should not be a piece of music consecrated strictly to Christianity because that is not...

Peace Warrior - Interview with Daniel “Nane” Alejandrez

Interview with Daniel “Nane” Alejandrez

Creating peace is a full time job, whether it’s establishing détente between warring nations, healing the wounds after a civil...

Finding Hope and Healing In Prison - Interview with Robin Casarjian and Beth Casarjian

Interview with Robin Casarjian and Beth Casarjian

For people in prison, forgiving themselves is not easy. They may have committed murder, rape, or assault, sold drugs or stolen. Coming to terms...

Window Farming - Urban Indoor Gardens

Urban Indoor Gardens

The ability to adapt to different circumstances or new environments and come up with simple solutions to daunting problems is an act of genius....

Jack & Mops’ Magical Adventures Review

Pumpkins and Particle Widgets

As a child, first time author P. A. Paizs was captivated by the magic of the classic A Little Princess, and it would become the inspiration for...