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Latest Articles

Amateur Astrophotography

Amateur Astrophotography

When the sun sets in the western horizon and the last twinkling of light fades into austere darkness, they appear en masse: planets . . . stars...

What is Genius - A Teaching from Ramtha

A Teaching from Ramtha

Genius is sort of relative to intelligence, isn’t it? For example, if you were a small animal and your keepers were larger animals, then you...

Finding The Pulse - Interview with Alex Theory

Dance Music with a Higher Purpose

DJ -ing is not just about choosing a few tunes. It is about generating shared moods; it’s about understanding the feelings of a group of...

The Hidden Messages of Water - Masaru Emoto explains how  thought effects our water.

Masaru Emoto Explains How Thought Effects Our Water

What is water? Everyone, including our future scientists, is taught that water is simply H2O – two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen...

Ghetto Physics - Interview with Filmmakers Will Arntz and E. Raymond Brown

Interview with Filmmakers Will Arntz and E. Raymond Brown

Will Arntz is known for two of his eclectic achievements: Writing a widely used piece of computer System Management software called “AutoSys...